Holographic revolution

in digital signage and advertising


Ultimate solution from HYPERVSN

Attract Attention

Masmerise Audience

Doubles Dwell Time

Increase in Sales

One holographic system - posibilities

HYPERVSN System is an all-in-one solution to put any brand in the everlasting spotlight. It is an Integrated 3D holographic system enabling users to:

Display the highest-quality 3D visuals

Create your own holographic content effortlessly

Manage devices & plan media campaigns


Create or customize 3D holographic content via a simple tool that requires no special design skills. Convert 2D images into 3D visuals.

Edit as many times as you need, preview and quickly upload high-quality 3D videos to the holographic display via user-friendly interface.

Use a rich 3D Content Library to create your master, over 100,000 ready-made 3D models available.


Advanced 3D holographic software delivers the HYPERVSN WOW effect, giving you full control over immersive media campaigns, devices, users and analytics.

HYPERVSN CMS has been designed specifically for the HYPERVSN devices to complete perfect user experience and provide the most efficient workflow. It is a set of cloud services, corresponding infrastructure and mobile and desktop apps offering full control of all our integrated system components.


Superior device design produces the highest resolution 3D holographic content available today.

Clearly seen through glass, extreme temperatures & bright light, with over 16 million colors of high brightness.

Trustworthy 24/7 commercial operation, with secured content upload & hacking protection.

Multiple devices can be installed across different locations & HYPERVSN Walls can produce visuals of virtually any size.

12-Month warranty & guaranteed 24/7 online technical support.

Upload photo of your location

Choose various backgrounds from different installation areas, drag HYPERVSN Solo around each of them. Select diverse 3D content to be displayed to imagine different use cases. Upload photos of your business and see how our solution can fit your unique needs.

Choose Background
Shop Window
Upload your area photo and see how HYPERVSN fit you needs.
For better experience use 1920x1080 resolution.
Energy Drink
Move the device on the screen
Choose Animation

in action

Show your spectacular product in the spotlight

Tell your brandstory the way it will be remembered

Create immersive experiance customers want to come back to

Boost your sales with our solution and get maximum ROI



The most affordable solution for a truly groundbreaking effect

Seamless experience from content creation to final display

No Internet required for device management

Easily updated to Solo Cloud at anytime


HYPERVSN Wall brings you larger-than-life 3D holographic visuals with our jaw-dropping projection technology, guaranteeing that your brand will not only be the main attraction at your next event, but will become the main event itself. Any size is available

Seeing is believing -